Author Topic: Who Substituted Bullet PV/20 - and why?  (Read 1592 times)

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Who Substituted Bullet PV/20 - and why?
« on: December 25, 2010, 02:04:PM »
Who Substituted Bullet PV/20 - and why?

Prior to the Pathologist, Peter Venezis, performing the autopsy on the body of Sheila Caffell, on 7th August 1985, an xray was taken of her head, neck and upper body - lodged still in-situ, in the right side of her neck, was what remained of bullet PV/20, which had fragmented into three main parts, and many many more small pieces, after the bullet struck a bone after being fired into the side of her neck...

To view the fragmented bullet, in-situ, please go to the following link:-


By the time this bullet (PV/20) arrived at the lab' to be examined, on 20th September 1985, it had become transformed into a whole bullet, which enabled the ballistic expert, Malcolm Fletcher, to associate it with the Bamber rifle, but who substituted the original fragmented bullet, PV/20, for this one, and why?

What happened to the original fragmented bullet?
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