Author Topic: Police stage manage kitchen scene, before PC Bird takes pictures  (Read 1515 times)

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Senior Police Officers authorize stage managing of kitchen scene before PC Bird (SOC) is allowed to take photographs in kitchen

According to the police, no-one moved or touched anything at all in the farmhouse, until PC Bird (SOC) had taken all of his pictures in a particular room. This is very interesting, because according to other police officers who forced their way into whf that morning at just after 7:30am, they eventually entered the kitchen through an internal door which led there from the back hallway, near to the door of the downstairs office...

Now, PC Bird, was not allowed to start taking his pictures until about 10 O'clock...

So how is it, that a large wooden chair is pushed up against the very same internal door through which the original armed police officers passed through in order to get into the kitchen in the first place? How did Ralph Bambers head get placed into the coal bucket? Did it accidentally fall into the bucket when the police toppled his body over, from its sitting position on another wooden chair behind that door? More interestingly, how did a kitchen table which was overturned when the armed police first entered the kitchen suddenly appear upright and standing on its own four legs, with utensils and place mats distributed around on top of it?

More disturbingly, how did a pair of cotton trousers, and cushions from some of the wooden chairs, and a towel end up on the kitchen floor, near the base of the coal bucket, soaking up blood that had pooled there and preventing it from spreading further afield?

How had DCI "George" Harris, been able to make a call from the farmhouse at about 8:15am, which lasted some 15 minutes, if as police records confirm, he made such a call using a land line at the farmhouse?

Just as interestingly, is the fact that police records suggest that a box of Eley .22 ammunition consisting of 29 bullets was found on the kitchen worktop, near to the telephone which had its handset off its cradle - yet in the crime scene pictures taken by PC Bird (SOC) the box was empty and all the bullets were tipped out onto the worktop?

View the scene, as photographed by PC Bird, (SOC), from 10 O'clock, onward, at the following links:-

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