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A great deal of nonsense has been written by people elsewhere, claiming that when I first came into contact with Jeremy Bamber in 1989, that  it can't be true because he was supposedly on a Protection wing at HMP Full Sutton at that time! Some have even thrown the old chestnut into the debate by claiming that Jeremy was downgraded to category B after I first met him! Well, for the benefit of that sad lot Jeremy was never on a Protection wing when I was on the same wing as him from 1989 until July 1990. He didn't have to be downgraded for him to be on 'B' wing, because all the cells are single with en suite toilet and shower room, and equipped with sky TV...

He wasn't the only Category 'A' prisoner being housed on 'B' wing throughout this period - so the barmy army brigade who keep spreading these rumours, don't know what they are talking about! We had IRA men on our wing, and UDA men, armed robbers, and murderers (all on the book, all Category 'A' men)! There were only four wings when I first went to HMP Full Sutton, each capable of holding 100 inmates, A, B, C and D. Another two wings were subsequently added taking the capacity up to around 600, E and F wings..

One of these additional two wings, was turned into a protection wing, but As far as I know I don't think Jeremy ever went on protection, at least not whilst I was there on B wing with him!

The only difference between the way a category B prisoner and a category A prisoner were treated, was that category A prisoners had to be under constant supervision during meal times and association periods - a member of staff had to physically lay eyes on any category A prisoner under them on their tour of duty. They were 'on the book' so to speak, a book which followed category 'A'  prisoners everywhere they went during the course of the day and early evenings! They had cells next door to category B prisoners! At night, they had to have a low ligh on in their cells throughout the night and nightstaff checked their cells every 15 minutes and made a note in the corresponding book! Whilst Nightstaff also (and only) checked the category B prisoners about twice throughout the night!

On Christmas day 1989, the authorities granted permission for cell sharing over the dinner break which meant that anyone (including category A men) could invite another inmate to spend Christmas dinner together in the same cell! The reason for the lengthy four hour period of lock down was because the prison officers were having their Christmas dinner celebrations in the Officers mess! As I say, I sat in with Jeremy in his cell and we both ate our Christmas dinners together - on every other day of the year everyone ate their dinner alone in their own cell, so it was a nice change of routine on Christmas day!

I used to see Jeremy every day, down on the education block during week days where he did a business studies course amongst other things, whereas I was studying sociology and philosophy! He liked his sessions at the gym, where he took up weight lifting and body building, whereas I only went to the gym to play basketball, volleyball and soccer!

We both went on a cookery course, and learned how to bake cakes, and pies, and deserts, like apple crumble, and all manner things!

Anyone who says that Jeremy and I were not on the same wing between 1989 and July 1990, doesn't know what they are talking about, and in any event I am not bothered whether anyone believes it or not, I am only putting the record straight, here..
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