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Glynis Howard was the expert at the lab' who received the aforementioned silencer from Cook on the 13th August 1985! She signed the original exhibit reference label (SJ/1) as did 'Ron' Cook! She examined the silencer but said there was insufficient blood to obtain any blood group results, although she later confirmed that blood on the metal end cap was 'human in nature'! She gave the silencer back to Cook who said he wanted to perform fingerprint tests upon it!
Jeremy Bamber Case Discussion / Re: rwbs cut finger.
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Did COLP ask AE about the blob of blood on the silencer , you know the one you proved was impossible to have exsisted ?

Do I detect a little sarcasm in your post Jon? :-\ Don't think I know you so not sure why you're using that tone ........ however, you do realise that I STILL don't think the silence was used right? So the sarcasm is kinda ill spent.
062 (continued '2')

The silencer given to Cook by 'STAN' Jones did not have an exhibit label attached to it when Jones gave it to Cook, so Cook attached his own label, and  gave it an exhibit reference of 'SJ/1'. This was because Cook was in charge of the crime scene at the time 'Stan' Jones had returned to the farmhouse and collected the aforementioned silencer! Cook would many years later admit to the COLP investigators that the reason he had given the silencer an exhibit reference of 'SJ/1', was because he did not realise that Jones had a middle Christian name (Brian) at the time!
062 (continued '1')

On the following morning, 'STAN' Jones retrieved the said silencer and showed it to the office manager, Police Inspector 'Bob' Miller! He in turn told 'STAN' Jones to give the silencer to 'Ron' Cook as Cook was due to take some exhibits to the lab' at Huntingdon later that same date!

'STAN' Jones took the said silencer back to Witham Police Station and placed it in a locked drawer overnight!
061 (continued '7')

Later that same evening (12th August 1985), 'Stan' Jones attended at Ann and Peter Eaton's home, to collect the said silencer! Whilst present at the Eaton residence, both he and Peter Eaton shared a bottle of whiskey!
061 (continued '6')

Upon being told this by Robert Boutflour, 'STAN' Jones exclaimed, 'What silencer' (pretending he didn't know that such a silencer existed)?
061 (continued '5')

On afternoon of 12th August 1985, Robert Boutflour attended Witham police station intent on finding out what was happening in so far as the police investigation was progressing? He spoke to 'STAN' Jones and told him that his son had found a silencer to the gun at the scene, and that the silencer in question was currently being held in a safe place at Ann and Peter Eaton's house!
061 (continued '4')

The silencer was placed in Ann and Peter Eaton's bedroom wardrobe, for safe keeping!
061 (continued '3')

Robert Boutflour told his son David to stop tampering with the silencer in question, and recommended that it be put away somewhere safe, until the police were contacted and requested to collect it, because Robert Boutflour thought it was something the police ought to know about!

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