Author Topic: The Bathroom Window Revisited  (Read 488 times)

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Re: The Bathroom Window Revisited
« Reply #15 on: May 04, 2019, 01:03:PM »
It would make sense for Bamber to leave the bathroom window ajar when he went for supper. To ensure a quiet entrance later. Nothing to lose in doing this. 

Nevill, June & Sheila may not have entered that room before going to bed. If they did go into that room, they may not have noticed the window was ajar. It was summer so the room would not be cold.

If in the unlikely event, the ajar bathroom window had been shut by Nevill, June or Sheila, that was not a problem for Bamber. He knew how to get into the closed window.

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Re: The Bathroom Window Revisited
« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2019, 07:16:PM »
Where exactly can we read such a detailed description? I thought he had said he couldn't have fully secured a window shut from outside (or words to that effect).
You can't conclude that's the reason unless you know that the particular window catch used for the window concerned is of the type you've mentioned (or similar). Did Sergeant Golding specifically state that the catch concerned had a screw that needed to be tightened to secure the window, as distinct from a catch that just required a quarter or half turn (approximately) to secure the window?
You stated you believed that Jeremy left via the bathroom window, which wouldn't require dislodging the catch from outside. Do you also believe he entered via the same window and relied on prising it open from outside instead of just leaving it unlocked in advance? If a hacksaw blade had ever been used to open that window's catch from outside, there would be noticeable scratches on the catch caused by the hacksaw blade (or similar instrument).

He actually said 'thin metal object' but a hacksaw blade was found near to the b/room window. -No, it wouldn't leave scratches if he used the flat edge and not the serrated edge. Sash windows get loosed over time and the gap between the two frames gets wider. It's easy to slip a metal tool between the panes and push the catch open. The screw type would be easy to close from the outside by banging it as described. He didn't mention to the police that he could close it and make it looked locked - he told this to Julie.;topic=1144.0;attach=5815