Author Topic: Murder-suicide in Kate Middleton's village  (Read 184 times)

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Murder-suicide in Kate Middleton's village
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They were the couple who superficially had everything: a 61-year strong marriage, three wonderful children and an idyllic bucolic existence in their £1.3 million farmhouse not too far from London with the future Queen's parents as neighbours, breeding alpacas and partaking of a Rioja of an evening at the local meeting place, the Blade Bone public house.

But in a plot reminiscent of the Agatha Christie novel Elephants Can Remember this former Concorde pilot who had rubbed shoulders with the glitterati, who ran marathons and who had lived on adrenaline for so long was unable to withstand the onset of his wife's dementia, her forgetfulness, her repetition of words, her inability to recognize friends, walking around the house of late attired only in nightdress. And so this outwardly quiet, unassuming chap set about discreetly to murder, or commit mercy killing depending on your point of view, Police being called to the property at 7:35 pm Tuesday evening as the bodies were discovered.

Forget the loudmouths down the pub. The quiet ones are always the ones to watch, the unassuming, the individuals who anecdotally wouldn't hurt a fly. We might all wish to smother an elderly suffering relative with a pillow, but the urge is wrong. Only God can take life. Murder is a sin and suicide however he committed it cheats temporal justice, though not God's wrath. Tony Meadows was an egotistical coward.
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