Author Topic: The Fraser Anning statement: a basis for discussion  (Read 1556 times)

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Re: The Fraser Anning statement: a basis for discussion
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Wikipedia tells us that over 100,000 immigrants from Muslim-majority countries gained a legal right to settle in the USA in 2009. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa had spent almost all his life in Colorado after his parents brought him and his two brothers from Syria to Arvada in 2002. He seemed to settle well initially, according to his brother, 13 years his senior, but fought back against bullying by using brute force, which may have been latently concealed due to his choice of teenage sport, wrestling, culminating in a third-degree assault charge at age 18.

By some accounts he knew his rights, he'd threatened aggressors with hate crime laws, though had become withdrawn and anti-social. Is this a case of deteriorating mental health exacerbated by the extremes of Trumpism over the years, an individual who found it difficult to assimilate in an 89% white community which enjoyed mountain pursuits, drinking and dogs, was there no religious element involved whatsover or is this just another example of the failure of the multi-cultural society, wherever we lay the blame?
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