Author Topic: The Missing Mugford' witness statements - a Shocking testament of the truth!  (Read 4233 times)

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The jury should have been made aware of Julie Mugford's involvement in the duping of the police in London, along with her accomplice, Susan Battesby, when they committed numerous acts of fraud and deception with intent to obtain stolen goods! How could anyone believe anything that. Buford said she did, or said she knew about, in view of her obvious dishonesty?
Rivlin told the jury all this..

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Rivlin told the jury all this..
Whatever Rivlin said is not evidence, in the same way whatever the prosecutor might have said was not evidence. Similarly, what was said by the trial judge Mr Justice Drake was also not evidence. Her involvement didn't come from her own mouth in the presence of the jury, as such he's had no bearing on her evidence and testimony! the reason that he didn't come from her own mouth but was because the contents of that 10 September 1985 witness statement that she made had been deliberately concealed from the defence and the court! The statement itself should have been an exhibit at the trial which would have been entitled Rivelin to cross-examine her upon it's contents so that she could confirm with her own mouth the role that she played in during the commissioning of all these criminal offences! the witness statement itself had it been disclosed could have been taken into the Judges room by the jury and read more in-depth, and a proper conclusion arrived at in regard to whether or not they could rely upon the testimony and evidence of Julie Mugford! The content in that 10 September 1985 written statement clearly show that she was not just a passive influence in the commissioning of these offences she was taking parking the most serious offences which she committed involving drug smuggling, drug dealing, and taking part in this evening the police at London police station were matters which needed to be aired in front of the jury and Julie mugford should have been made to account for her actions. She was obviously an Informant, a paid police Informant, she was put up in digs at the police station while she made several witness statement which the police wanted her to make to use against Jeremy Bamber! The cops paid all her expenses, she was an agent Provocateur who had been involved in the drugs operation based at and from Southend police station, prior to the shooting incident occurring at White House Farm! In fact Julie mugford was helping the police to set up Jeremy Bamber using entrapment! the fact that the shooting nuisance at White House Farm occurred on the occasion that it did eventually created an opportunity for the police with the help of Julie Mugford to frame Jeremy Bamber for the killings! Society is full of such people on the Elk of Julie Mugford, infiltrate gangs or target criminals and help the police to get them arrested and locked up on the promise of financial gain or reward! If anyone wants greedy in this case it was Julie Mugford, the Boutflour and Eaton relatives, not Jeremy Bamber!
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