Author Topic: DI Cook (SOC) dismantles, and rebuilds Silencer, before sending it to Lab'  (Read 800 times)

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DI Cook (SOC) dismantles, and rebuilds Silencer, before sending it to Lab'

On 29th August 1985, DI Ronald Walter Cook (SOC) did the unthinkable, he physically dismantled a silencer in his possession, removing all of its baffle plates, top washer and its end cap, before laying it all out on a worktop where the bloodstained Bamber rifle had previously been resting - he then rebuilt the silencer and once it was rebuilt, he physically screwed it onto the external screw thread on the end of the bloodstained rifle, exposing that silencer to possible contamination, from small specks of blood which could have detached itself from the bloodstained rifle and which could have been picked up on the exposed baffle plates before they were replaced back into the tubing of the silencer, or as the case may be, blood which was present upon the external thread on the end of the Bamber rifle, was forced back into the inverted screw thread on one end of the silencer, depositing it there...

Cook (SOC) then sent this rebuilt silencer to the Lab' to be examined by the ballistic expert, Malcolm Fletcher, who also dismantled it, and found the crucial flake of blood containing Sheila's blood groups, trapped between baffle plates one and two - which had not been present there when Cook (SOC) had dismantled it the day before...

To view the bloodstained Bamber rifle and a silencer which is referred to above, please go to the following links:-


One thing is certain, and that is that the silencer shown in these pictures could not have been the Bamber silencer, because it was not found in the gun cupboard at whf until 11th September 1985 - the silencer shown in these images had to be the silencer bearing the exhibit reference, DB/1, which was submitted to the Lab' on 30th August 1985, inside which was found the crucial flake of dried blood containing Sheila's blood groups (A, EAP BA, AK1 and HP 2-1) and paint from the aga...
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