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Billy Hayes
« on: January 27, 2018, 11:32:AM »

The real 'Midnight Express' has some similarities with the film. The Hollywood film could have kept to the true original story more & it still would have been good.

Don't feel much sympathy for him. He was a regular drug smuggler & got caught.

He was caught 20 yards from a plane so should have got convicted of smuggling. However he was lucky that he only got convicted of possession & given 4 & a half years.

Despite the generous prison sentance he still felt he shouldn't have to serve his time & tried to escape. By pretending to be mad & getting transferred to the criminally insane prison section,  where security was weaker. Again he was lucky he was allowed to leave & return back to the main prison after realising he couldn't escape.

Having his sentance increased to life/30 years only 53 days before he was due to be released was hard. Courtesy of a determined prosecution lawyer 4 years later. It was the correct charge but a harsh sentance. He was smuggling hash & hadn't killed anyone. However that was Turkish law at the time & he chose to break it.

Once he crossed the boarder, Greece could have sent him back to Turkey, rather than deport him. So again lucky. This time he had made his own luck by escaping.
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