Author Topic: Pool of blood at base of coal bucket (no clothes, towel or cushions)...  (Read 751 times)

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When the raid team first entered the kitchen, there was only a pool of blood around the base of the coal bucket, there was no clothing, nor a towel, nor any seat cushions containing that blood!

This is interesting, as was the fact that according to PS Woodcock the kitchen door through which they entered the kitchen may have been partially open with Neville Bambers body behind that door with his head resting in a coal bucket. Yet as clearly shown in PC Birds crime scene photographs there exists a wooden chair behind the toppled body of Neville Bamber which is blocking off the door completely, and if thaqt chair had been in that position at the time the rad team entered the farmhouse they would not have been able to enter the kitchen like they said they did!
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Was blood found inside or on the coal scuttle itself?