Author Topic: Paul Bernado and Karla Homolka: Canada's answer to Brady and Hindley.  (Read 34 times)

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Bernado was reputedly the perfect child, well-mannered, polite and good at school. It seems he turned against his mother at 16 when she told him he had been conceived illegitimately from an affair. From this point his motivation in relationships with the opposite sex was to dominate, humiliate, rape and subsequently murder.

His partner in crime was Karla Homolka, the eldest of three children, who again seemed to have a normal upbringing in the quiet village of Port Credit, Ontario. She yearned for the city life and when she met Paul Bernado at a pet convention in Toronto they discovered they shared the same sadomasochistic fantasies.

Guilty of the most heinous crimes and labelled the Ken and Barbie doll killers, Homolka was released from prison after serving 12 years. Bernado will be eligible for parole in theory after 25 years, though in practice will probably never be released.
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