Author Topic: Key evidential factors which favour Bambers innocence in his sister's death  (Read 58 times)

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The Overwhelming Evidence that favours Jeremy Bambers Innocence in the death of his sister inside the farmhouse, or the staging of his sister's death scene on the main bedroom floor from 9.13am, onward!

(1) - Neville Bamber called Jeremy
(2) - Neville Bamber called police (3.26am, Malcolm Bonnetts log refers)
(3) - Jeremy attempts to call Neville back' but an engaged tone
(4) - Jeremy attempts to call Witham police station
(5) - Jeremy calls Julie Mugford
(6) - Occupants of CA07 despatched to incident at farmhouse (7.35am)
(7) - Occupants of CA07 arrive at scene (3.48am)
(8)  - Occupants of CA06 despatched to incident at farmhouse (7.36am)
(9) - Occupants of CA06 arrive at scene (4.22am)
(10) - Jeremy calls PC West (3.36am, refers)
(11) - PC West places Jeremy's call on hold
(12) - PC West updates Bonnett regarding sons call to CD, about sons call from father going dead
(13) - PC West speaks to Jeremy and tells him to make his way to the farmhouse where he will be met by officers who had already been sent to the incident
(14) - PC West requests operator to check the line, Operator states phone off hook (3.42am)
(15) - Operator checks line for Malcolm Bonnett at 3.56am, phone reported off the hook
(16) - PS Bews, PC Myalls and Jeremy recce' farmhouse, they see an unidentified person moving around in the main bedroom, they run back to the police patrol car to pass a request for firearm officers to be deployed to the scene
(17) - first group of firearm officers arrive at the scene (5am) Commander of operation PS Adams
(18) - firearm officers engaged in a conversation with someone from inside the farm (5.35am)
(19) - phone at scene becomes engaged (5.47am)
(20) - Operator switches engaged line via 999 system through to police in the control room (6.08am)
(21) - two ambulances summoned to attend the scene, one for immediate use at house, other on standby
(22) - Second group of TFG arrive at scene (7am) in company of PI Montgomery
(23) - anshuzt rifle is placed in view at first floor boxroom window by Sheila at 7.15am, seen by WPC Jeapes, and PC Brown
(24) - two bodies reported dead when police entered kitchen (7.30am)
(25) - body of one dead male, and the body of one dead female (7.35am, and 7.37am)
(26) - one dead male, one dead female (7.38am)
(27) - contact police surgeon and Coroner's officer regarding discovery of two dead bodies (7.42am)
(28) - DS Davidson to come on duty to office because police are dealing with an incident at whf involving two bodies, a male and a female, a murder, and a suicide (7.45am)
(29) - open 999 telephone line link from farmhouse to control room is terminated (7.47am)
(30) - only two bodies found by this stage 7.47am) other three bodies unaccounted for
(31) - a further three bodies found upstairs in bedrooms (8.10am) five dead in total
(32) - Harris, Gibbons and Montgomery entered kitchen expecting to find two bodies, but only find Neville Bambers body. PI Montgomery assumes responsibility for firearm operation, with confusion and contradiction regarding who had been shot and killed in the kitchen, and by 8.10am only three bodies upstairs! The missing female body from downstairs added to the upstairs tally, once it arrived there, making it four bodies upstairs after 8.30am, not three!
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