Author Topic: Manipulated Evidence and Why Would Police Lie  (Read 660 times)

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Re: Manipulated Evidence and Why Would Police Lie
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It's not that Jeremy didn't show ANY emotion that is the problem Lookout - had he tried to go about his business as though nothing had happened, like tend to the farm etc. the above might be relevant, however, that's not what he did. For the first hour or so, he feigned grief, a few tears and the pretend vomiting in the field, just far enough away so that no one could see it was fake. The so called grief didn't last long, he was happy to give his statement, further implicating Sheila and building up his alibi - going so far as to give details that any innocent person would have bothered with, such as the TV progammes he said he watched the previous evening. He bought all of the newspapers so he wasn't in denial as in the example above.

You don't need a psychology degree to tell the difference, just common sense!

And vying with Colin over whose WS was longer.