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Tracey Ann Patient
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:40:PM »
With all these high profile contentious NZ cases appearing on the forum, I thought I'd raise this one to see if there are any interesting in sights from the forum members.

After ploughing through all the available information this is the one part I feel is worth focusing on.

1977: A road map with Tracey's name written on it is found in a Ford Thames van. A Ford Thames van was seen in the area at the time Tracey vanished. The van's owner is cleared but he had bought the van after the murder, and the owner at the time of the murder has not been found.

November 1977: An anonymous caller tells police a signet ring Tracey was wearing could be found in a rubbish bin at an Avondale shopping mall. Police find the ring, believed to have been given to Tracey by a boyfriend, in the bin. However they are unable to track down the caller. The caller also tells police that the number 126040 is connected with Tracey's death, but police do not uncover the meaning of the number.

I would have thought the owner of the van would be the prime suspect.
Also the mysterious number (126040) could be something related to the ownership papers of the van. Chassis no. or mileage when the vehicle changed hands. (Given the vans were no longer made after 1965)

Assuming that the anonymous caller made their phone call after, the Ford Thames Van with the map inside had become public knowledge. Using the mysterious number to prove the call wasn't some kind of hoax.
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Re: Tracey Anne Patient
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2017, 01:41:AM »
The Gary Ross sighting seemed the most promising but I doubt after all this time this case will ever be solved.

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Re: Tracey Anne Patient
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2017, 03:22:AM »
Yeah the Gary Ross sighting was very interesting.

 I just find it odd how the Police almost dismiss the owner of the Ford Thames van as almost being unimportant, just because the owner vanished,anyone that committed such a crime would do their best to disappear.
You would think that the killer would of had a connection to the van.

Edit : If the owner of the Thames van fitted the description provided by Gary Ross, can't help thinking it would have been a slam dunk. Maybe another case of Police incompetence, with a cover up.

It reminds me of the Scott Watson case & the Police's dismissal of the Ketch sighting.

Here in NZ I think David Tamihere = Guilty
                            Arthur Alan Thomas = Guilty
                            Scott Watson = Insufficient evidence
                            David Bain = Not Guilty (with nagging doubts about the whole case)
                            Mark Lundy = Guilty (although the prosecution case in their eagerness is full of holes)
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