Author Topic: Reasons why Bamber cycled to & from WHF.  (Read 1683 times)

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Re: Reasons why Bamber cycled to & from WHF.
« Reply #270 on: August 28, 2020, 06:25:PM »
This might surprise you, but I quite enjoy some of your posts. As Jackie herself said you have certainly made the Forum more stimulating since you joined. I don't wish to pursue a personal vendetta against you. I enjoyed your contribution on Colin Pitchfork, I enjoyed your contribution to the lie detector thread. It's the personal attacks on other members where I do draw the line, just as Jackie herself often oversteps the mark. They are my friends and we have all been here for many years. But I have to admit the Forum would be duller without you two as members.

Oh please!

If hypocrisy were an Olympic sport, you'd be in the running for the gold.

I insult people who insult me.

I abuse people who abuse me.

Jane wrongly called me 'bogus'.  I asked her to correct this, and she persisted, so I pointed out how she had lied about Jeremy.

My attitude is my attitude.  If you cross me, I'll cross you.

I hate hypocrites.
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