Author Topic: Sheila Caffell had a graze on her abdomen (covered with a dressing)  (Read 2169 times)

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I believe that it was easton that punched Ralph. What a wanker. Supposed he thought he was a real hardcase. To punch a 62 year old gentle man he probably gave his wife a spanking too.
The more I here about this lot, the more I find them detestable.
The only thing in thier favour is that they FOUND all the evidence to convict JB, and they have had to struggle on since then. Mind you the money must have come in handy, or did they donate it to charity.

Sorry, Easton. Thanks.

Should have said EATON, Peter Eaton punched Nevill in the face, not one of the Boutflours. That´s all.
Then why say thanks.

Well, you pointed out that I wrote the wrong name.

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I was just pointing out, that according to the pathologist, Peter venezis, Sheila had a graze on her lower abdomen, which he states was covered with a dressing - I was just wondering how she got that graze, when, and who dressed it?

I am also wondering at what stage June Bamber got the black eye, that the pathologist also stated she had got, and whether or not this could be linked to the fact that she missed her regular bible class that Tuesday evening?

Was Sheila's graze on her abdomen, and June Bambers black eye (swollen eye) linked to any dispute both had had the previous evening?

It's an interesting suggestion... but how will we ever know?

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Re: Sheila Caffell had a graze on her abdomen (covered with a dressing)
« Reply #17 on: November 06, 2018, 10:26:AM »

if it did happen on the night of the murders, sheila would hardly bother dressing a mere graze when she intends to kill herself.

Sheila didn't kill herself, either downstairs in the kitchen, upstairs on the far side of the bed, or on the bedroom floor!

Cops had Sheila dead in the kitchen 7.35am, 7.37am, 7.38am, 7.42am, 7.45am (by way of suicide) and still there by 8.10am! Cops had her body upstairs dead on the far side of the bed at 8.44am, and by 9.05am laid dead on top of the bed with one shot to her neck, and dead again on the bedroom floor by 9.30am, by which stage she had been shot twice to the neck!

It would be interesting to hear what guilters' have to say regarding how it was at all possible for Jeremy Bamber to have had any influence over what was occurring inside the farmhouse involving the body of his sister, here, there, and everywhere, downstairs, upstairs, on the laundry room floor, on the kitchen floor, on the far side of the bed, on the bed, and eventually on the bedroom floor - Jeremy Bamber was really very influential in fooling the police into thinking that his sister's dead body was everywhere and anywhere inside the farmhouse after the raid team got into the farmhouse!

Between themselves, cops couldn't even work out whether the gun was at the box room window, the main bedroom window, on the right hand side of the body, removed altogether from the body or placed back on the body, at different times of the police investigation between 7.15am, and 11.10am...

Similarly, the Bible led a somewhat charmed life, since when DS Jones and DC Clark saw Sheila's body laying on top of the bed alongside the body of June Bambers dead body, the Bible was resting on top not Sheila's body (the rifle wasn't), yet by the time SOCO took photographs of Sheila's body in its final resting place on the main bedroom floor, the Bible was resting upon and against the outside of her upper right arm, and by then the rifle which had been resting non the bed in between the bodies of Sheila and June, was now resting on Sheila's chest with her right hand clutching it!

So, let's not hear about the bush, Sheila didn't shoot and kill herself, and Jeremy Bamber didn't shoot and kill his sister! The only persons who could have shot Sheila were the cops themselves, nobody else is in the frame! How the hell could Sheila already be dead downstairs in the kitchen from as early as 7.35am, only shot once? How could she by 8.44am, be declared to be dead upstairs on the far side of the bed, again at a time when she had only been shot once? How can her body have been laid on top of the bed, next to the body of June Bamber, with a Bible on her chest by this stage, and shecstill only having been shot once? If all these reports and sightings of Sheila's body were true, how then did she end up on the main bedroom floor with a second bullet wound to her neck? How come that by the time the Coroner's officer (PC Wright) arrived at the scene by 9.30am, Sheila's body was now on the bedroom floor without the rifle either on her body, or on the floor next to her body, yet by the time SOCO start taking crime scene photographs of Sheila's body there, the rifle is being clutched to her body, the barrel of which is resting on her chest (where previously the Bible had been about an hour or so beforehand), all this and Jeremy Bamber be the killer?

Nobody has made any of this up, the evidence is all there in the police files!
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