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Re: Hello from Bill
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Hi Bill, looks like at first you wasn't suspicious of your ex colleagues, I know things are sensitive but what made you change your mind about your ex colleagues (I take these we're Essex police)  and have you come to any conclusions now you have had time to study.  Seems the police are starting to come out the cupboard now, Jackie has a friend ex police as well who is going to tell all, maybe you could join up in your fight for Jeremy.  It seems a shame if you and other police had this knowledge and a man has spent 30+ years in jail it makes you and Jackies friend look bad.  Julie Mugford got a lot of stick for taking money with a kiss and tell story, but the police to sit on any information that could have freed Jeremy and now do a kiss and tell story with a book makes them worse than Julie in my eyes?  Luckily the  police I worked with and friends don't hold this view though Bill,

Me either.
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