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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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648 to 649 Witness statement of David Jose Araujo Veloso dos Santos 2007.05.08
03-Processos Vol III Pages 648-649


Witness Statement

David Jose Araujo Veloso dos Santos

Date: 2007/05/08

Occupation: Restaurant employee

Place of Work: Millenium Restaurant

He has worked as a waiter in the Millenium Restaurant since 12th March of this year.

The establishment is used by guests staying at the OC resort particularly at breakfast and dinner times.

When questioned he says he remembers the family of Madeleine McCann, who used the restaurant where he works once on Saturday 28th April, but he adds that he did not have any conversation with them.

When questioned about the relationship between the parents and the children, he says that he did not really notice, but that he was given to believe that there was nothing strange about it.

He says that at no moment did he notice anyone with strange behaviour as regards the children or anything that appeared suspicious to him.

Concerning the events being investigated, when he was working his normal shift from 16.00 to 24.00 an individual, tall and of British nationality, appeared in the restaurant at about 22.30/22.45, who asked him whether he had seen a little girl who had disappeared, describing her as blonde and three years old and that she was probably wearing pyjamas.

The witness and his colleague, Maria de Fatima, replied that they hadn't, upon which the individual ran out.

When questioned, the witness said that he did not participate in the searches that took place that night, but went home at about 24.00 when he finished work.

He knew about the investigation from the media. He has nothing else to say.

Reads, ratifies, signs.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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663 to 664 Witness statement of Eliseu Jose Craveios Viana 2007.05.07
03-Processos Vol III Pages 663 - 664



Date :
Witness Statement (Hand written)

Eliseu Jorge Craveiro Viana

Occupation: Receptionist

Place of Work: Main Reception

He has worked at the Ocean Club for seven years, working as receptionist and sometimes as a driver. He did not work on 3rd May 2007, only arriving for duty at 00.00 on 4th May at the main reception. When he was arriving for duty, along the Prof Gentils as usual, he noticed movements and people circulating. There were also people in the street, however he did not see anything abnormal or which attracted his attention. When he passed the main road next to the swimming pool and Tapas restaurant it was about 23.55. It was when he arrived at the main reception that he was told by a colleague that girl had disappeared, that she was English and called Madeleine. There was great confusion as nobody knew how this could have happened. As regards elements concerning this he heard about them from the Portuguese and English press and from comments from guests.

He works basically in the reception with sporadic contacts with the bars and restaurants in the complex. He has contacts he has coffee with and he sometimes visits colleagues he is friendly with. As concerns the disappearance he does not know of any useful elements. He did not hear any conversation resulting from own knowledge of the event, having just heard news from the press. He works in a place where many people enter and where there are many phone calls. He does not remember having heard or seen anything strange or having seen suspicious people near the reception. He does not remember having been asked about the functioning of the OC baby sitting services, children or activities by anyone who would not have a reason to enquire. He remembers that most children have children and therefore are interested in knowing about how these services work. He has no knowledge of any child having disappeared before from the ocean Club or of the occurrence of sexual crimes.

He also says that there were many clients who were worried about this event and that some had cancelled their holiday bookings.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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3 to 6-Witness statement of Emma Louise Knight (Hotel Manager) 2008.04.30




Testimony of: Emma Louise Knight 30-April 2008
3 to 6-Witness statement of Emma Louise Knight 2008.04.30


Leicestershire Police Force

Statement from: Emma Louise KNIGHT

Occupation: Hotel Manager
Date: 30th April 2008

I am currently an employee of the Mark Warner Holiday Company, 20 Kensington Church Street, London. I have worked for this company since November 2005 and have held various positions in complexes and hotels abroad.

In March 2007 I travelled to the Mark Warner complex in Praia da Luz, Portugal. My position was Client Support Manager and my function was to receive and welcome the new guests and be available to resolve any problem that might arise during their stay.

The Praia da Luz complex covers a large area and for this reason there were several locations where I worked during the day, such as the reception, the Tapas bar area and the Millenium Restaurant.

My first contact with the couple named Gerry and Kate McCann took place in the 24 hour reception when they arrived at the resort accompanied by their 3 children. They were on holiday with a number of other families, some of them arrived by different means.

During the first part of their holiday there were no problems that were brought to my knowledge relating to their stay. I knew about their three children but I never had contact with them.

On the night of 3rd May, after having finished work, I planned to meet a group of colleagues at 22.30 to go out. At about 22.17 I received a call from Lyndsey Johnson, the creche Manager, informing me that the girl had gone missing. I met Lyndsey and the Service Manager, Amy Tierney, near to the Tapas Bar and we initiated the 'Mark Warner procedures for the search of a missing child'.

This procedure involved the distribution of leaflets that had already been prepared, with the names of the locations, for the members of staff, indicating the zones that they should search. Once the location indicated had been searched, the leaflet was returned and another one with a different location was handed over. This procedure was followed by the members of staff, but on that night about 6 residents from the complex were also involved in the search.

I was told who the missing girl was and at the beginning of the procedure went to the McCann's apartment to obtain the girl's description and of the clothes she was wearing when she disappeared. When I arrived at the apartment, there was a lady on the terrace, whom I now know to be Kate McCann, accompanied by the wife of one of her friends, David Payne. Kate could not say a word, looked very upset and about to cry. It was Mrs Payne who provided me with the details that I needed.
I returned to the location where the leaflets were being distributed and passed on the information that I had gathered about the missing girl. Lyndsey was busy with the distribution of the leaflets and I went to search in the beach area. On my return I passed by the Duke Pub where I met other members of staff who also joined in the searches.

The hotel manager, John Hill arrived at the location from which the searches were being organised and I can confirm that he called the police. John stayed at the location and I several times went to search the grounds. I went with Amy and we searched the highest part of the complex behind the apartments. The search lasted for about 10 minutes and then we returned. At that moment John asked me to go to the apartment the girl had disappeared from and, on behalf of Mark Warner, provide all the help the family might need.

I went to the McCann's apartment, entered by the patio doors and introduced myself to Kate and Mrs Payne. I entered the apartment living room and Kate and Mrs Payne stayed in the main bedroom, from where I could hear them both crying.

The twins were still asleep in the children's bedroom and the door was half open.

A short while later, Gerry returned to the apartment accompanied by Russell. They also entered by the patio doors.

I don not remember the exact sequence of events at this time, but I do remember that I phoned John, who informed me that the police were on their way.

I remember that the police arrived between 00.00 and 00.30, entered by the main door and went to the kitchen with Gerry.

I went to the bedroom where Kate and Mrs Payne were. Kate was still upset, crying and calling Madeleine's name, shouting 'where is she''
She also banged on the headboard. At that moment I went to check on the twins in their room and they were ok.

I remember being in the main bedroom with Kate, Mrs Payne, Gerry, Russell and David who were sitting on the bed and I sat on the floor. At that moment David suggested that the press should be contacted. Russell disagreed, saying they should keep calm and let the police take care of the situation.

At that moment Kate appeared to lose control, crying and constantly asking 'where is she'' whilst banging on the bed.

Gerry remained calm throughout. On one occasion Kate and Gerry both went to the main bedroom and I could hear both of them crying.

Quite a bit later that night I remember the police asking everyone to leave the apartment. I received a call from John informing me that he had arranged for another apartment for the McCanns. I went to reception and helped Lyndsey to move the two cots to the new apartment

The McCanns went to the new apartment and I remember seeing Kate and Mrs Payne seated on the sofa, each holding one of the twins. I left the new apartment at 04.30 in the morning after instructions from John Hill. I was the last to leave, the police had already left, but I left my number saying that I was available for anything that might be needed.

After a short rest I returned to work at 08.00. I did not see Kate or Gerry during the whole morning, but went to the new apartment at about lunchtime. Kate and Gerry were not there but there were other members of the group taking care of the twins.

I remember there were helicopters flying overhead and showing them to the twins.

I remember that both Kate and Gerry were calmer that day and Kate had stopped crying. They were accompanied by family members who had travelled to Portugal and by the local priest. I remember that on the night Madeleine disappeared, Kate wanted to contact the local priest, but it was not possible to reach him by phone.

I remember being present in the apartment with Kate, Gerry and other members of the family when they gave their first press conference. Gerry sat at the table and wrote what he wanted to say to the press and Kate, although she did not want to speak to the press, accompanied Gerry and stood by his side while he read the statement. I and the others stayed at the apartment door to observe.

During the weeks that followed, when Kate and Gerry were still staying in the complex I accompanied them and helped in the preparation of the posters for Gerry and planned the way to take the twins to the creche without being bothered by the press. Gerry was always calm and polite, whilst Kate could not hide her emotion. At times she appeared reasonably all right at other times she would walk about crying.

In relation to the specific questions, these are my replies:

1. My first meeting with the McCanns occurred when they arrived at the complex and my relationship with them was purely professional as Manager of Client Support services and a s Mark Warner representative.
2) I first spoke to Gerry and Kate McCann at about 23.00 on the night of 3rd May in their apartment after the disappearance of Madeleine.

3) Gerry and Kate said that their daughter had disappeared and that she had been abducted.

4) I would describe Kate's reaction as hysterical and desperate. Gerry was visibly upset and cried out of our earshot, but he maintained a firm position and helped in all he could.
5) As mentioned previously, their emotional state was one of consternation and despair.

This statement was made by me and is truthful as far as my understanding.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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Waiter at Zaival Beach restaurant
820 Letter from Ministry of National Defence regarding other diligences  inc Ernesto Joaquim Muchacho- Zavial Beach restaurant
Processos Vol III Pages 820
also Outros Apensos VIII, Vol 2a Page 360



Ministry of National Defence
National Marine Authority
Lagos Maritime Police

Lagos Maritime Police Commander

Dear Sir

I inform you that on this date, around 16H30, whilst in the activity of searching, accompanied by sub-chief Dioniz, in the jurisdictional area of this command, namely on the beaches Zavial and Ingnna, we made various inquiries with the intent of finding missing Madeleine Beth McCann. We questioned various users of the referred to beaches: T**** F***, C***** M****, H***** W***, B***** W***, F**** M***, R****** T*****, S**** W****, W*** G**** and C****** W****. These individuals were aware of the disappearance [of the girl] but as of this date, had no indications as to the discovery of her whereabouts.

I inform you that, upon going to the Zavial Beach concession of Ernesto Joaquim Muchacho , telephone contact numbers, ******** and ******; the same stated that he recognised the parents of Madeleine McCann as clients of his restaurant and that he remembers seeing them for the last time in his establishment in the month of April (Easter holidays), accompanied by their three children. Since this date, as he exercises his function in the kitchen, he does not remember having seen them on that beach or in his restaurant.

It is relevant to note that the Zaival Beach is normally frequented by nudists, and consequently attracts some peepers/lookers on.

These are facts I wanted to bring to your attention.

Lagos, 09th of May of 2007.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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430 to 432 Witness statement of Hayley May Crawford 2007.05.07
02-Processos Volume II Pages 430 to 432



Witness Statement 
Hayley May Crawford
Date/Time: 2007/05/07 20H00
Bar Worker (Ocean Club)
Nationality: British
Address: Germany 
She comes to the process as a witness, given that she works at the adult pool bar in the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Lagos.

She states that she does not speak Portuguese and is accompanied by translator Robert Murat.
She states that she began working for the Ocean Club as a tourist guide in 2004 and after that as a bar worker in the adult pool bar this being the fourth year of her continuous employment at the resort.
She says that before arriving in Portugal she did not know anyone in Portugal, but in the meanwhile has got to know Portuguese people who work in the Ocean Club, but that she has never been questioned as regards the functioning of the Ocean Club or about her functions.

She states that since her arrival or even in England, she has never been questioned regarding the functioning of the Ocean Club and in particular regarding the location of the resort services.
In the summer, her working hours are from 10H00 to 18H00.

The bar is open exclusively to resort clients, and that control is made by means of a client card at the entrance to the bar.

When asked, she says that she does not remember anyone having entered without being authorised.
When asked, she states that she does now know the parents nor Madeleine as they did not frequent the adult pool bar.
When asked, the witness clarifies that on the day of Madeleine’s disappearance (03 May 2007) she was with her boyfriend at her home, situated in Lagos, saying that he, Nuno Conceicao, is also an Ocean Club employee, carrying out various maintenance functions in the resort But she says that, for this reason, her boyfriend is in permanent service, in other words that even when he has a day off he can be contacted in case it is necessary to carry out any type of maintenance service in any apartment or other installations of the tourist resort in question. In this way she explains that on the day in question (03.05.07) at around 20h30, her boyfriend was called as there was a problem with a lock in an apartment situated in the northern part of the resort, close to the Millennium restaurant and she had accompanied her boyfriend in her car from her home in Lagos to the apartment in question.
After her boyfriend had completed the service, at about 21H00, they went to the resort reception with the aim of her boyfriend collecting a service vehicle.

For this purpose, the witness and her boyfriend travelled in her car, a Peugeot model 106, metallic grey in colour, along various roads of the resort, having taken the road adjacent to the pool and Tapas restaurant area, passing by the apartment where Madeleine and her family were staying, according to what she was subsequently informed about the location.
When questioned, the witness states that when she travelled along the roads in question, which make up the resort, and principally those which she later learnt were adjacent to the apartment where Madeleine was staying and disappeared from, close to the Tapas restaurant, which she did at about 21H00, (03 May, 2007) the witness states that she saw no vehicle, person or other situation that she considered suspicious that could be directly or indirectly related to the facts being investigated.
When asked, the witness states that after her boyfriend had collected a service vehicle, from the Ocean Club reception, which took place at about 21H00, they both went to her home, but in separate vehicles, arriving at about 21H15.
The witness states that she was off work on last Wednesday and Thursday, as was her boyfriend.
At about 22H30, her boyfriend received another telephone call from a colleague, asking for a flashlight, as a female child had disappeared, to which he responded that he did not have one, both remaining at the witness’s home until the next day.

She only became aware of the events on Friday morning when she returned to work.
When asked, she states that has no knowledge of any individual or vehicle in the immediate areas of the resort whom she considered suspicious or who drew her attention.

As regards the disappearance, she states that she felt shocked, as it was the first time that anything like this had occurred at the Ocean Club.

No more is said, having read the statement, she finds it in conformity and signs.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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796 to 797 Witness statement of Helder Jorge Sampaio Luis 2007.05.09
03- Processos Vol III Pages 796 to 797


Date: 2007/05/09
Witness Statement
Helder Jorge Samaio Luis

Occupation: Receptionist Ocean Club

Has worked at the Ocean Club for almost a year and a half and works as a Receptionist at the main Ocean Club Reception. He doesn't work fixed hours but he always works on the 16.00 to 34.00 shift.

All his work takes place at the main reception.

He knows about the situation that happened at the Ocean Club concerning the disappearance of a little given that on the day in question (03/05/2007) he was on duty and was contacted by a member of staff from the Tapas Restaurant between 09.30 and 22.00 who informed him that the daughter of some guests who were dining there had disappeared.

That he immediately contacted the GNR in Lagos, shortly after this the child’s father and John Hill arrived at the reception and he phoned the GNR again.

He then contacted the head of reception Vítor Santos and informed him of the situation.

He remained at the OC reception until 24.00 when he was replaced by a colleague Mr Eliseu.

He then left the OC and went home.

He did not see or hear anything suspicious on 3rd May nor on the previous days.

Reads, signs, ratifies.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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3903 to 3906 Crimestoppers report from Graham McKenzie and emails
15- Processos Volume 15 Page 3903




Crimestoppers Bureau

Force : Leicestershire

Date: 16/09/2007

Kidnapping McCann ** Caller Removes Anonymity**

Caller involved in search on night of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

Caller name: Graham McKenzie

Mr McKenzie states that:

On e hour into the search by holiday makers of the hotel and surrounding areas, about 23.00 hrs, Mr McKenzie approached the McCann's apartment from the bushes at the rear of the apartment.

He was searching the gardens. He did not know it was the McCann's apartment.

He saw Mr Gerry McCann standing alone in the doorway at the rear of the apartment talking on his mobile telephone.

Mr McCann was looking our over the swimming pool and did not see Mr McKenzie.

Mr McCann was absolutely distraught telling the person receiving the call that he feared 'she (Madeleine McCann) had been taken by paedophiles'.

He does not know who the person receiving the calls was but presumes it to be a family member.

Mr McKenzie recognises Mr McCann from being in the same holiday complex at the same time.

Mr McKenzie cannot remember what Mr McCann was wearing at the time. Mr McKenzie is willing to give a witness statement and be contacted by police on his home telephone number above.

He is giving this information now after reading about the McCann's telephone records being checked, in the Sunday Express dated 16/09/2007.
3907 to 3908 Witness statement of Graham McKenzie 2007.12.06 (in English)
15-Processos  Volume XV Pages 3907 - 3908



Surname : Mackenzie

Forenames: Graham

Occupation : Company partner

Statement date: 06-12-2007

Earlier this year we went on a family holiday in Portugal. At the time we only had our eldest son ***** and (my wife) was expecting ****. We had booked with the travel company Mark Warner to stay at their resort in Praia da Luz. We flew out of Gatwick on the 28th April to Faro.

We were staying at a self-catering apartment at The Ocean Club Resort. During our stay we used the child care facilities during the day and when we picked ****up we would chat with the other parents but other than that we pretty kept ourselves to ourselves and just enjoyed our time relaxing together.

There was a couple we got to know in a nearby apartment, their names were **** and Raj Balu. We also chatted to another couple, his name was Neil but I don't recall hers, they had booked for two weeks but left the resort early.

The apartment on one side of us was vacant, throughout our stay, an Indian family moved into the one the other side part way through our stay. I do not know their names but they had a daughter who was about three years old.

During our stay we had seen the McCann party when the children had tea together and also when eating at the Tapas bar in the evenings. We had not really had anything to do with them other than the odd word when the children were all playing together after tea.

On the night of Madeleine McCann's disappearance we could not get a table at the Tapas bar and decided to get a takeaway from there and have it at the apartment. (My wife) went to collect it at about 8.30 while I stayed with ****.

It was later that evening around 10 ' 11 that I heard a commotion on the complex, I decided to go out and see what was going on. I walked round a saw a group of people gathered. John Hill the resort manager was there with some of the Mark Warner staff. I heard that a little girl called Maddie was missing, at that point I did not realise which child it was. John Hill was organising a search of the complex as it was thought that she had wandered off at that point in time. I let (my wife) know what was going on and went to join the search. I went to search the area around the back of our apartment where there is a little garden with a big palm tree in the middle. I was looking in the shrubbery and the little gardens to the apartments.

I worked my way around the area, eventually coming around the back of the tennis courts and up towards what I now know to be the McCanns apartment a couple of hours later. I was looking in the little gardens on the poolside of that block, I was in the end garden when I heard a male voice, he sounded distraught his voice cracking with emotion. I looked to see who I now know to be Gerry McCann stood above me on the balcony/patio about 3 metres away speaking on a mobile phone. I cannot recall his exact words but I got the impression that he was speaking to perhaps a family member or someone he was very close to due to the nature of his conversation.

He said something along the lines of there being Paedophile gangs in Portugal and that they had abducted Madeleine. I was so shocked by this, having originally thought that she had just wandered off.

I had looked up by now and we actually made eye contact, his conversation did not change at all when he realised that I was there. I felt as if I were intruding on a private moment and so I left the garden at that point. I had overheard only a snippet of it. It was only then that I realised whose child it was that was missing. I went back to the apartment to tell my wife what had happened, had a drink and went out again. There were lots of people just standing round looking, the police eventually turned up later in the evening. There didn't seem to be any real organisation of the searching and I eventually went back to our apartment for the night.

We went to the Millennium restaurant for breakfast the following morning, they were handing out flyers with her photograph on. Everyone was very, very upset.

The following day we saw Kate McCann when she came to collect the twins from the creche at lunchtime, she was distraught and broke down sobbing.

We didn't have any other involvement with their group for the remainder of our holiday and flew home on the Saturday. On the day of our departure we had to move out of our apartment and Mark Warner gave us another to use during the day until we left.

It was across the road from the McCann's apartment and the public balcony overlooked the side of their building and the road. You could actually see the front and back of the building from that view point. I noticed on the balcony that there was a pile of cigarette butts as if there had been someone stood there for some time smoking. I thought that was odd , and it could have been someone watching the McCann's apartment to monitor their comings and goings.

It was when I heard that the police were trying to pinpoint telephone conversations made in the resort that I decided to get in touch about what
I had heard. Signed
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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667 to 669 Witness statement of Gustavo Cesar Cabral Campos 2007.05.08
03-rocessos Vol III Pages 667 to 669



Witness Statement

Gustavo Cesar Cabral Campos

Date: 2007-05-08

Occupation: Waiter

Place of Work: Millenium Restaurant, OC

He has worked at the Millenium Restaurant since 9th March 2007, near to the apartment where the events occurred.

He says that as he is a waiter he has direct contact with the clients at the restaurant. He works from 16.00 to 24.00 without interruption every day except for Fridays and Saturdays which are his days off.

The place where he works receives guests staying at the resort, mainly of British nationality.

However, he thinks it is possible that people who are not staying at the resort can frequent the restaurant.

When asked if these people can use the areas adjacent to the restaurant (gardens, pools, tennis courts) he does not know whether this is possible.

It is certain that from 18.30/19.00 onwards these leisure area are closed to the public (guests and others).

For security reasons, and given that the restaurant has a receptionist, the entrances of guests are registered and in order to access the spaces adjacent to the restaurant individuals have to show a member card with their name and the apartment where they are staying as well as the dates of arrival and departure from the resort.

Concerning the facts being investigated he says that he has nothing of interest to add.

When questioned, he says that when the events occurred he was working in the restaurant and heard about the disappearance at about 22.30 - 23.00 from a Mark Warner employee (he doesn't know his name, but he is of English nationality) who, at that moment asked to use a telephone in the bar to make a call as he had received information about the disappearance of the girl on his mobile.

He does not know the concrete terms of the conversation but he is clear that something had happened.

The employee then left the bar/restaurant.

When his shift ended he joined in the searched with his colleague Nelson. He searched until 03.00 AM.

He says that he has nothing to add, he saw nothing strange during the day or on the previous days.

With regard to the McCann family he has nothing to add as he did not have close contact with them.

He say that without being absolutely sure he thinks he saw the couple with their three children inside the restaurant on Monday or Tuesday night, he supposes they were there to eat.

When questioned he says that he is not sure whether they were accompanied by other individuals.

He says that as was the case on other nights, that night was calm and he did not notice anything strange or anyone approaching the couple or their children or taking photographs.
Reads, ratifies, signs.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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121 to 125 External diligences carried with OC staff followed by copies of passports
126 Luz Ocean Club Registration/Check in form
01-Processo 121-125 pdf0






REPORT OF EXTERNAL WORK [Investigation Activity]
Date: 2007/05/04 Location: Praia da Luz
Entity that determined the activity: superiorly determined
Funcionario [employee] that executed it: Miguel P*** and Duarte F****, Inspector

Description and outcome of the investigation:
-------- On this date, we went to the Tapas restaurant, owned by the Ocean Club, located in Praia da Luz (Lagos), where we spoke with various employees of the restaurant, who were on duty there last night. ----------
-------- The subject of conversation was the disappearance of little Madeline MCCAN, especially the behavior of the elements of the group that dined at that restaurant yesterday, which was partly made up of the parents of the missing child, as well as if [whether or not] they had seen an individual suspect, with a blonde "rastas" [hairstyle] in camouflage pants. ----------

-------- JERONIMO TOMAS RODRIGUES SALCEDAS (Phone No "91 768 ####) - bartender:
- He saw the missing Madeleine, for the last time, yesterday at 16.45h next to the restaurant;
- He did not notice if from the group of British citizens (in number 8 or 9) that yesterday dined in restaurant (which was partly made up of the parents of the missing [child]), someone left [absented themself] during such dinner;
- He saw a walkie talkie on top of the table of the group, [like] those that are used to monitor noises of children, from a distance;
- He did not see a person of blonde "rastas", while he was working last night. ----------
-------  STARIKOVA VITORINO (Russian citizen, with the telephone No "96635 ####) - kitchen assistant:
- Said that, yesterday, one individual, purportedly the father of the missing, left the dinner table where a group of friends (in number 8 or 9), for about 30 minutes. After having returned, a woman whom she believed to be his wife, also left the table, there having passed a few moments, all the guests left the table in question, except one elderly lady, who told her [Svetlana's] colleagues that that child had disappeared.
- During the time that she was working yesterday (between 14:30 and 23:00) she did not see any individual with blonde "rastas".

-------- MIGUEL SALCEDAS COELHO (BI No 1426####, telephone 91920####) - cook
- He did not know the missing or her parents, he knew only that they were part of a group of British citizens who usually dined there;
- As he works in the kitchen, rarely did he go to the tables, so he saw nothing;
- He did not see any person with blonde "rastas", while he was working (14.30 and 23.00) ----------

--------- JOAQUIM JOSE MOREIRA BATISTA (residing at Rua Ilha Terceira, no. 15, Lagos, Telephone No 91 277 ####) - table employee [waiter].
- Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at the restaurant last night, as usual, of which the parents of missing were part (he didn't know them) he noticed that two individuals left the table, of the male gender.
- The first to leave was about 40/45 years old (tall, skinny, white complexion, with large [a full head of] hair of color gray) and the period of his absence was about 15 minutes, being that they had to [re-]heat his food, which had cooled;
- The second to leave (about 40/45 years of age, having the physical characteristics of the first, but having less bulky hair) did so for about 30 minutes, and that shortly after he returned, all left the table, except for an elderly person, who told him that a child had disappeared, the daughter of a member of the group, due to which he thought that the second person to leave could have been the father of the child;
- Of the times in which this group had dined in that bar it is [was] often [for] someone from the group to go to check at the apartments the state of the children (their offspring) who were sleeping there.
- He did not see any person with blonde "rastas", while he was working (16h00 and 00.00). ----------

-------- JOELSON FABIO SOARES SANTOS L?IO (telephone No 96948#### - was contacted in another restaurant of the [Mark Warner] group, situated in the same locality) - pantry boy
- As he works in the pantry, he never goes to the area where are the tables, so he saw nothing;
- He didn't know the missing or her parents;
- He did not see any individual with blonde "Rastas", in the period in which he remained in service (15:30 and 23:30. ----------

--------- RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA (as he was on his day off, he was contacted by telephone No 91 397####) - table employee.
- Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at that restaurant yesterday, like they usually did, which was partly made up of the parents of the missing (he did not know them) he noticed that absent from the table, for about 15 minutes, [was] a man (tall, little more than thirty years of age, normal physical stature, white complexion and hair color light brown);
- It was usual [for] someone of that group, to leave to go to the apartments to check the children (children of the group members) who slept there;
- At the table, he always noticed [saw] the existence [presence] of an intercom;
- He did not see any person with blonde "rastas", while he was working (16h000 and 00h30).----------

------- As for the kitchen employee, MARIA MANUELA ANTONIO JOSE, given that she was not in service yesterday [neither] during the dinner [nor] when the disappearance of the child occurred, she was not interviewed. ---------
------ In the main reception (open 24h) of the Ocean Club, the signatory [undersigned] was able to observe a person with long hair, curly, blonde in colour, with camouflage shorts and green sweat-shirt, which fit the description of the suspect of the "Rastas", it being that I questioned the receptionist about him, who said that this individual and his wife are guests in the hotel and he has been tireless, since yesterday, in search of the missing girl. Attached are photocopies of their passports as well as the hotel registration form. ----------

[The very last paragraph of my translation of pages 121-125 in /PJ/TAPAS-EMPLOYEES.htm states that they are passport copies of the person identified as the man with 'Rasta' hairstyle, camouflage shorts and green sweat-shirt (taken to be the person seen by Jez Wilkins per his witness statement), and his wife. They were resort guests. I have no reference to a formal witness statement from them on file, merely the above identification to eliminate them from the inquiry.]

Signature of official: Duarte F**** - Inspector
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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233 to 238 Witness statement of Jeronimo Tomas Rodrigues Salcedas 2007.05.06
02-Processos Volume II Pages 233 to 238






Processos Volume II

Pages 233 to 238

Witness Statement

Jeronimo Tomas Rodrigues Salcedas

Date: 2007/05/06

Occupation: Barman / Waiter

Place of Work: Ocean Club

He is the son of Portuguese immigrants who have been living in England for the past 15 years, they live in the city of Swindon, near Bristol. His father works for the English Consulate and his mother is a teaching assistant.

As regards the witness' professional qualifications, he completed a professional course in hotel and tourism and can also carry out ludical activities with children as an 'animator' and has worked in these kind of activities for four years with groups of children aged three (during the first year) and aged three to five (during the following years). After this kind of work he dedicated himself to the automobile sector and worked for Honda for a very short time, about three weeks, as he could not adapt to this kind of work. After a stay in England during which time he did not find work, about three weeks, he decided to come to Portugal to work in tourism, having contacted a cousin of his who works in the Algarve, Miguel Coelho who is Head Chef at the OC, who helped him be taken on immediately as barman.

He began work at the club on 2nd April.

When asked for the reason that he changed professions (children - automobiles) he said that he did this because he had simply reached saturation point. He says that ever since he has been working this has always been the case. He never stays in the same kind of work for a long time. However, when asked he says that it was always positive, that he likes to work with children. He never had any problem in this activity or in carrying out his profession. He remembers that the name of the establishment where he worked was called 'Sixpenny' in Swindon.

When asked, he says that he currently lives with his cousin, Miguel Coelho aged twenty two, in an apartment in Luz, near to the beach.

The witness earns 550 Euros a month plus tips. He pays 350 Euros as monthly rent as well as domestic costs which he shares in equal part with his cousin.

Currently, and for the last three or four weeks he has worked the night shift, from 16.00 to 24.00. He sometimes exchanges shifts with a colleague and in these cases works from 09.30 to 17.30.

When asked if he is aware of Madeleine's disappearance, he replies yes and says that it is a very delicate situation and that nothing else has been spoken about since she disappeared. In spite of having already observed many photos of Madeleine he claims that he could not state with any certainty that he had seen her at any moment, the same goes for whom he now knows to be her twin siblings. The specifics of his work do not leave him with much time to focus his attention on the children that were around, although as he has stated previously he worked with children of Madeleine's approximate age for almost four years.

When asked, he says that many children would be present around the Tapas restaurant during the day, as just outside the restaurant there is a small playground, near to the pool. The presence of children would reduce significantly at night time, also because there were fewer people dining in the restaurant, about 20 - 30 meals were served.

With regard to the group Madeleine's family belonged to, he remembers there were nine adults, he does not know how many children were associated with them as they brought them to dinner. He think the group arrived at the club on 28th April (Saturday), a day when the Tapas restaurant does not serve dinner because it closes at 19.00.

In this order of ideas he thinks that the group in question dined at the Tapas restaurant for the first time on Sunday (29th May). He does not know if they had lunch as he was not on duty at that time.

Of the whole group Madeleine's father was without doubt the most noticeable person as he was the most talkative, very pleasant and with a nice manner. In this respect the whole group showed a pleasant friendliness.

They would arrive for dinner according to daily bookings which they did themselves at the reception, he remembers the bookings were always made for 20.30 or 21.00. This booking could be made on the same day until 16.00, it was necessary to show proof of accommodation as well as the number of persons included in the booking. He says that the group arrived in phases but no long delays occurred.

When asked, he said that they would normally stay at the restaurant until 23.30 - 24.00, although some of them would leave earlier, at about 23.00. They were people who showed their satisfaction with the food and would consume on average 8 bottles of wine (4 red, 4 white) between the nine of them, which he considered to be normal consumption for a group of such a number.

They did not drink coffee and as regards after dinner drinks (digestivos) they only consumed these once on 2nd May.

He noticed, because it was obvious, that some of the members of the group would regularly leave the restaurant to do something, which he gradually came to realise was 'controlling' the children. Even so, he was always convinced that the children were in some place belonging to the Ocean Club, under the care of a Mark Warner company associated to the club.

This company provides child care services until 18.00, however if there was a request these hours could be extended to the evening period, from 20.00 to 23.00, paid as an additional service.

Referring to the day of 3rd May when Madeleine disappeared, the witness says that he was working.

At that time, at about 22.20 - 22.30 he noticed that there was only one person sitting at the group's table, the oldest of them and he asked her jokingly whether they had left her alone.

The person in question said that the others had gone to the apartment to look for a girl who had disappeared. Seconds later Madeleine's father appeared, greatly agitated, looking for his daughter everywhere, obviously and immediately heading towards the pool and surrounding areas.

Shortly afterwards Luz Ocean Club was in a state of absolute commotion. Everyone was trying to help in the search for Madeleine which was multiplied in numerous search actions over a large perimeter. The witness immediately perceived the seriousness of the situation. Madeleine's mother was shouting desperately for her daughter. The witness told another chef at the Millenium restaurant so that he would also help in the searches.

He was part of a team together with one of the other MW employees, Leanne, of English nationality, with whom he searched for the girl until 05.00. He remembers that during the early morning hours there were about 50 - 60 people searching who covered all the access routes to the club, the village of Luz, beach, amongst others. The search was fruitless. Madeleine was not and still has not been found.

Considering his previous profession and using the sensitivity that he had from working with children, the witness said that there was no situation with him or with third parties that he had noticed that caused him to have any doubts that such a situation could occur. Even forcing his memory he has no idea of anything that could help locate the girl.

When asked he says that he was working at the OC and has no idea whether situations of theft from the apartments were checked.

No more is said.

Reads, ratifies, signs.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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22 to 24 Witness statement of Jeronimo Tomas Rodigues Salcedo (former Ocean Club worker) 2008.04.23
05-CARTAS ROGATORIA 5 Page 22 to 24





Occupation: Fitness Instructor

This statement, consisting of two pages, each signed by me, is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully states in it anything I know to be false or do not believe to be true.

Date: Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I am the above referenced person who lives at the address previously given to this police. I am a Portuguese national and I am fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. I have lived in the U.K. with my parents since 10 year of age. Since leaving school, I have been employed in various roles but have never identified myself with any of them.

I still have various family in Portugal and in the beginning of 2007, I was in the U.K. and unemployed. I was contacted via email by my cousin Miguel COLLEO (I am not certain how his name is pronounced) and he informed me that he was working in the Algarve in Portugal as a barman/waiter in the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal. I always liked the idea of working abroad and asked him if he could find me work. He responded and told me that he had found a position for me in this same area in which he worked.

I travelled from Bristol to Faro, Portugal, on the 26th of March of 2007. From Faro I travelled directly to Praia da Luz and lodged in an apartment rented with Miguel. Initially, his girlfriend also lived with us but before the end of April 2007, she returned to South Africa. The apartment was located close to the beach but I do not remember the address.

I began working as a functionary at the Ocean Club on the 4th of April 2007 and my charge was to serve the bar and the Tapas Bar tables. My hours were 16h00 to 24H00, five days per week and the two days off were rotated weekly. The other employees of the Tapas Bar on my schedule were Ricardo, Ze and Tiago?all of them Portuguese and with little knowledge of the English language. As a result of this, I was frequently called to attend British clients.

I remember being at work in the Tapas the night of the disappearance. I also remember the group of adults that holidayed with Madeleine, including the parents as they were frequent Tapas Bar dinner guests.

I would normally see them during the day if I went to the complex for a swim, or when they were going to get their children for lunch in the zone next to the Tapas. Nothing in their behaviour called my attention. They dined in the restaurant every night from Sunday until Thursday when Madeleine disappeared. The table was booked then for 19H30 to 20H00. It was nine adults in total, four couples and an older woman who was also with them. I always found them educated, good clients. They appeared to get along well amongst each other and each time I served the table they would comment on the food. It was a happy group who would often laugh during dinner. There was a man who particularly stood out from the rest of the group as she spoke a lot and told many jokes. At this time, I did not know who he was, but later found out it was Madeleine McCanns father. Frequently, when I served the table I noticed that one or two elements of the group had left the restaurant. I could not imagine where they had gone to. After seeing the news stories, I figured that they had gone to check on their children. On some occasions, I also saw some infant monitors on the same table but never related this to the facts.

In relation to alcohol consumption, it never appeared to me to be excessive. The wine was included in the dinner at Tapas and the functionaries were very generous in this respect. The permission was approximately one bottler per person . According to what I remember, and relative to the consumption of alcohol, there were seven bottles between the nine adults. I believe that on the first or second night they dined in the Tapas, they drank a bit more, perhaps eight or nine bottles of wine. I believe that they were also offered liquor this night, as they had been such good clients. The behaviour of the table did not change the night in questions. If anything, the group jested more than usual but no one appeared drunk.

Generally, they left the Tapas at 23h30/midnight, at times together and at other times in small groups. On the night in which they drank more than usual, they left a bit later, perhaps towards 00h30-01h00. I remember this detail because I was supposed to finish work at 00H00 and I wanted to go home. They always left on good terms and always wished the staff good night.

On the night Madeleine disappeared, everything appeared normal. I remember that when I took notice of the disappearance, I had been in the restaurant speaking with my two colleagues?Ze and Ricardo who were on break. I returned to the restaurant and noticed that the table of nine was empty with the exception of the older woman. I went over to the table and joked with her: ?They've left you alone?? She responded more of less with these words: ?No, they went to see if the little girl was there.? I responded that I hoped they would find her somewhere in the apartment. At saying this, I saw the man. Who I knew later to be Madeleines father, running to the pool and to the childrens play area in the Tapas zone as if looking for someone. It immediately hit me that after talking to the older woman, that the little girl had not been found. I offered to alert the workers at the Milenium Restaurant and the man agreed. He then left again running to continue searching. I believe that this was between 21H30 and 22H00 but do not remember with certainty.

I went to find Ze and Ricardo to give them the news and to get their help in searching for the missing girl. I saw the head of the Milenium Restaurant in the Tapas and asked him to telephone the restaurant.

I ran out of the Tapas and noticed that some of the childcare works of the Mark Warner had begun to arrive. At the point I left the Tapas I heard a scream from a woman I did not know. I do not know who screamed, but I had never heard a similar cry. I cannot even describe it but thought it had come from the child's mother. I went to the reception with one of the child care workers whose name I do not remember. One of the employees looked to be organizing the searches and told us the name of the child. We were sent to the beach zone and looked in all the alleys and called out the name of the child but did not find her. Later, we returned to the Tapas where we found John, the Manager of Mark Warner. There were many people now, perhaps 40 including the Mark Warner personnel. We were divided into groups and Ewan and Rob (both employed by Mark Warner), my cousin, Miguel, and I went in a Mark Warner vehicle to search a beach zone which included a construction site. Again, we did not see any signs of the child and after a telephone we returned to the Tapas.

At this point more people were at the location, including residents of Praia da Luz. A man named Matt who owned a club in the locale, seemed to now be the operational front. A big part of our group was sent to the beach; we formed a sort of human extension cord in our searches. We finally returned to the Tapas around 04H00. We were sent home at the time.

I do not know when the police were called but the first time I saw them was around 23h00-23h00 that night.

Since Madeleines disappearance, I have seen her picture many times in the media, but I cannot honestly affirm that I remember seeing her in person before the disappearance from the Ocean Club. There were many children and I never paid much attention to any of them.

I stayed in Praia da Luz working in the Tapas until the end of July 2007, at which time I returned to the U.K.

This statement was made by me and is true in accordance with my understanding.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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242 to 243 Witness statement of Joao Pedro Ramos Agapito 2007.05.06
02-Processos Volume II Pages 242 - 243


Joao Pedro Ramos Agapito
Time/Date: 16H45 2007/05/06

- Works in "Luz/Ocean Club" for two years as a "barman" in the restaurant "Tapas" from the hours of 09:30 until 17H00;

- When questioned about the missing child, Joao responded that he saw the child and her respective family around the club but did not see them in the restaurant as breakfast was served in the Millenium. He knows from his colleagues that they used to go there regularly for lunch almost every day;
- Stated that the restaurant is by reservation only and for this reason, it is not normal to see other people during the day but at night, the restaurant is open to the public. He further knows that in the last two weeks they did not serve dinners or attend bar clients who were not staying in the complex;

- On the other hand, the space between the restaurant and the apartment is an open space that could have been frequented by anyone. Adding that from the restaurant table where the group sat it is difficult to see out due to a window covering. This would have made it difficult to see their apartment windows;

- Relative to the facts of the investigation, he cannot add anything material. His friend telephoned him to keep him updated on the facts and he was involved with the searches that continued until this night (of questioning);

- States that he did not see a person or situation out of normal character in the days before the disappearance but is aware of some break-ins in the residences of the resort, especially in the summer.
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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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258 to 260 Witness statement of Joaquim Jose Moreira Baptista 2007.05.06
02-Processos Volume II Pages 258 to 260



Processos Volume II

Pages 258 to 260

Joaquim Jose Moreira Baptista

Occupation: Waiter

Place of Work: Tapas Bar, OC

Time/Date: 18H50 2007/05/06

Portuguese National

Comes to the process as a witness. He has worked as a waiter at the Tapas restaurant since 12th Feb 2007. His shift is from 16.00 - 24.00 except for Saturdays when he works from 11.30 to 19.00. The clients who frequent the restaurant are mainly English tourists staying at the OC resort.

When asked he says that he clearly recalls the appearance of the girl's parents, he does not know their names, together with a group of English tourists who generally accompanied them, as for almost a week prior to the disappearance they would dine practically every day in the Tapas restaurant. On the occasions he saw the group dining at the restaurant he never saw the children.

When asked, he says he does not remember ever having seen Madeleine's face, which only happened when he saw her photograph after the disappearance.

When asked, he said that during dinner the men from the group would leave the table, returning to the table a few minutes later. The witness says that he does not know where they went. These absences would last for about 15 minutes. He cannot say with what regularity these absences occurred.

The witness remembers these occurrences well as would often have to take a plate of food requested by one of them back, due to the guest's absence, when he would find that the guest was not at the table when he came to serve the food.

When questioned, the witness says that he remembers on Thursday 3rd May, on the day of the disappearance, that the parents went to dine at the restaurant with the usual people. He cannot be precise, but the witness says that the group arrived between 20.00 and 21.00. He remembers there being about 9 people in total. He states that he received the food orders from the group.

Later, between 22.00 and 22.30, when the witness was in the kitchen, he was informed by a colleague that in the meantime a client had entered the restaurant shouting and that afterwards the whole English had left in a panic. The witness' colleague told him that this individual had said that a child had disappeared. A few minutes later the witness noticed great agitation, with many people everywhere searching for the child.

From information that was coming out, the witness learned that the child was a girl, the daughter of one of the English couple and that she had been in a room nearby.

When asked, the witness says that at the time he was working in the restaurant and referring to the days before the disappearance, he never noticed anything unusual. He said that he was never asked about the habits of the English group nor any questions concerning children. He says that on the day of the disappearance from the time he arrived at work, he did not notice anything unusual.

When asked, he says that at the end of the evening the area surrounding the Tapas is quiet with little circulation of people.

He has no comments as to the motive for the disappearance.

No more is said. Read, ratifies, signs.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...

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Re: The case of Madeleine McCann
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1838 to 1840 Witness statement of John Eliot Hill 2007.06.20
07-Processo 07  Pages 1838 to 1840



Testimony from John Elliot Hill 20 June 2007
Witness Statement
Date: 2007/06/20
Time: 14H30
Place: Praia da Luz - Lagos :
Officer responsible: Carlos Dordonnat - Inspector


- Profession: Manager
- Place of Work: Ocean Club - Praia da Luz - Lagos

- As the deponent does not speak Portuguese, he will helped by the interpreter Sra. Lidia N. Employee of the PJ.

With regard to the facts of the investigation. Statements show that he knew of these facts by means of a phone call from Lindsay, head of the child care service, who told him about a female child staying at the resort who had disappeared. This phone call was made to the deponent's mobile phone at about 22.28 on 03-05-2007. About 5 minutes later the deponent presented himself at the resort, because Lindsay had told him that she had initiated the procedure for missing children used by the company and the child had not been found. Upon arriving at the scene he saw about 100 people, employees, guests and residents searching the grounds, the beach and adjoining areas calling out the child's name.

Initially the deponent thought that the child had got lost or disorientated, but as the searches did not produce any results he became increasingly worried.
The deponent went to the main reception to see if the authorities had been alerted, and fifteen minutes later went to the apartment being used by the McCanns, where he saw that both members of the couple were in a panic and were shouting that the child had been taken. The deponent thinks that the GNR arrived at the scene at about 22.45, however in a conversation several weeks later, he heard someone say, he doesn't remember whom, that they had arrived at about 23.30, but as he was so busy he declared that he had no notion of the passage of time.
- Together with Lindsay the deponent occupied himself with orienting the search operations, in the sense of trying to determine that the same area was not searched more than once, given that the search area was quite extensive.
- ---
He has been employed by the Ocean Club since March 2006 and has no knowledge of any untoward situation involving Ocean Club users or in the village itself, other than some damage and minor thefts.

- When questioned he stated that the search operations that he organised finished at about 04.30. Elements from the PJ and GNR reinforcements with sniffer dogs were still at the scene.
- He wishes to add that he does not know of any motive that could have been the cause of the Madeleine's disappearance.

- On the night of the disappearance he always saw the McCanns together in the apartment they were occupying at the time, with the exception of an episode when Gerry went to the main 24 hour reception
- , with the purpose of speaking to a GNR officer, he is not sure at what time this occurred, but it was certainly before 24.00.
- . ---

- The deponent tried to print various photos that were distributed in different sites as well as trying to support the McCanns, although they did not need so much support after about seven weeks the deponent remembers when, in his personal opinion they were more capable in terms of mental capacity to deal with the situation.
- No more was said. Signs statement together with the interpreter.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive"...