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For a long time members here have been subjected to attack and abuse by members of the so called "red forum"  Many of our members have expressed concern about the disruption and distraction caused by responses to those attacks posted here.  A proposal has been made for all threads and posts of this nature on both forums should be removed.  Although we do not accept that posts here fall into the same category as many on the "red" forum we have agreed to the proposal. 

We have this afternoon deleted three threads which had as their subject matter members of the "red" forum.  Some threads have also been deleted from that forum.  This is the first phase.  We am now looking to those in charge of the "red" forum to delete all threads and posts attacking our members or revealing their personal details.  When we see that happening we will continue the process of deleting posts and threads here.  It will then be necessary for those responsible for moderating both boards to ensure that no further attacks are posted.

It remains to be seen whether the terms of this "truce" is honoured by those running the "red" forum.  All I can say is that we will keep our side of the bargain, provided that they do.

I hope this will be for the benefit of this forum and its members.


Thank you NGB.  I am sure it is a step in the right direction and many thanks to all concerned.   :) :) :)

A good result for those who have expressed genuine concern.  We will see if certain others will follow suit and enter in to spirit of these developments.

I'll drink to that Roch...Bottoms Up! Well, not right up...lol   :) :) :)


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