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The owner of this forum and the Admin team want all members to enjoy their use of the forum.  In order to facilitate this we ask that the following rules are observed by all members:

After joining the forum and before posting please introduce yourself in the Foyer, giving brief details about yourself and about your interest in the case.

Please do not make personal attacks against other forum members, either on this forum or elsewhere on the internet. Challenge the arguments of others by presenting your opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully.  Please do not make allegations of a defamatory nature against forum members or third parties. 

Please avoid language which is likely to offend other forum members, in particular avoiding language of an obscene or profane nature, or containing any racist, sexist or homophobic element.

Please ensure that references to the victims in any case discussed on the forum are made in a respectful manner.  Please remember that victims may include those living as well as those deceased. 

Please refrain from posting spam in the forum or via the Personal Messaging system.

Please do not make posts solely to increase your post count.

Please do not register multiple profiles. If you do so all of your profiles are liable to be deleted.

Please note that members are entitled to conceal their identity.  Save in exceptional circumstances (such as attacks by internet trolls) attempts should not be made to reveal the identity of members.

Please note that the Personal Messaging facility is for members to exchange private messages and should not be abused.  In particular the facilty should not be used to broadcast messages to a group of members for the purpose of causing dissent or upset.  Posting of the contents of Personal Messages on the forum is strongly discouraged.

Where a forum member objects to a particular post or series of posts made by another member (whether on this forum or elsewhere on the internet) or to the content of a Private Message, complaint should be made either by using the forum reporting facility or by sending a Personal Message to an Administrator or Moderator.

Please note that breaches of forum rules may result in action against the forum member concerned. Minor breaches will normally be dealt with by way of a Personal Message to the member.  Offending posts are liable to be deleted.  More serious breaches or repeated minor breaches may be dealt with by a temporary or permanent ban of the member, or deletion of the member's profile.

The following was posted by Rochford on the original disclaimer thread:

Can we agree to start from this minimum baseline:

No poster is to allege of another poster that they are personally a liar.  This does still allow for questioning of a posters particular standpoint / experience / knowledge in any given area.

No poster is to personally insult another poster.  This still allows for posters to be critical of each others views and stand points.

Where searching questions are asked by a poster from one side of the spectrum, to a poster from another side, those questions should be worded in as polite a manner as is possible, so as to particularly avoid 'goading'.

Sarcasm should be overlooked, as long as it doesn't fall in to any of the above categories.  We can't police everything.

Multiple user-names are not permitted.  Please note we have one poster who has had a string of Christian names as user-names.  Bit of a coincidence?

This still leaves the problem of when two posters are having a spat.  Now this can become highly entertaining for other posters to view.  We don't want a sterile forum where there is no entertainment do we?  This kind of disagreement does sometimes further the debate because it often happens around a specific contentious issue.  I think when this happens we should look out for any of the above happening and also look out for repetitive, disruptive behaviour.

Rochford's suggested guidelines as set out above seem sensible and should be regarded as forum policy.

The admin/mod team are concerned that some members who are also members of the "red forum" are posting there attacks on our members and derogatory comments about this forum.  We have all agreed that although we will continue to have no objection to members joining and posting on whatever forum they wish, we do not consider that those who make such attacks and comments should continue to enjoy the benefits of membership here.  The forum rules have therefore been amended to reflect this change.  The changes are highlighted in blue.

We hope that all members will agree with this rule change and will bear this in mind in posting elsewhere.   One member has already been banned for persistent and serious abuse and PMs are being sent to other members who have made posts elsewhere which are in breach of this rule.


I very much support this NGB. Might I add that, it is not acceptable in any shape or form to gossip about our members here or anywhere else on the internet or use derogatory remarks toward members who post on this forum.  Thank you.

Seems fair.


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