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Witness statement of PS Adams, consisting of 3 pages, dated, 7th August 1985:-

Only two typed pages, each page not signed by him...
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Adams in this statement makes no mention of him entering the house and viewing the bodies.
It is also noted that his name did not appear on the list of persons for fingerprint elimination.

Is this a co-incedence or by design.

FAST FOWARD to his COLP interview and he then claims that yes he did enter the house and was shown around it .... at least intially by Montgomery but also mentions that Montgomery had previously been around the house with both Harris and Gibbons.

one does wonder here...that if correct ...why was this tour of the house not mentioned in evidence...
would people question why there was a need to show lots of people around the house and yet Dr Craig was kept waiting for ages to view the bodies etc 
By not mentioning Adams tour around the house then it did not need to be squeezed into a time frame that would expose the false impression of Dr Craig waiting for less time than he really did....or they may be other reasons of an even more sinister nature as to keeping hush on Adams ever going into the house.

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Adams claims to leave the scene at 8.45...driving away...
If his claim about entering the house is correct then this has to be before Dr Craig was shown the bodies.

Bearing in mind that Adams claims to have viewed the bodies and the police case is that no one touched or moved seems odd that when he spoke with Delgado and Collins who he says raised concerns after viewing pictures that Adams neither agreed or disagreed with their claims.
Surely if they all saw the same scene that was unaltered then its most unusual he fails to address their concerns himself or supports them wholeheartedly.
The position he takes allows one to form a view that whatever was in the pictures was so different and detached from what they really saw that a concensus could not be reached.
Thus they were presented with a false depiction of how others had staged question it would expose it all so it was more or less avoided...

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As well as Adams name being missing from the fingerprint elimination list...his name is also missing from Bernards list of who entered which room or used stairs.

It is noted though that in his 20th september 1985 statement he does mention going in the house with Montgomery showing him around...though he never refers to this statement in his COLP interview..

One could conclude from his COLP interview that he only ever made one statement..that of the 7th august.