Author Topic: Witness statement of PC Delgado, consisting of 3 pages, dated, 20th September  (Read 2034 times)

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Witness statement of PC Delgado, consisting of 3 pages, dated, 20th September 1985:-

All 3 pages signed by him...
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From Delgado's mention of the 2 other external doors being bolted top and bottom does this imply that the door that was forced had no bolts top and bottom.

We know the door had been fitted not too long before the incident of the 6/7th august it is feasible no bolts were fitted and that it may have been locked and secured by the key lock only.

On viewing the door (if interpretation is correct) in the garage Robert Boutflours notes state "no bolts" which could be taken as being none had been installed on that door.

Some statements suggest JB only claimed the door was normally locked with a key.

Only Woodcock claims that when on the outside ...the door to him he thought to be bolted top and bottom. He does not confirm if this was the case.

I am wondering if a false impression is being created that the door was bolted and thus it would take longer to gain entry than would likely be the case for a door that was merely key locked.

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On this door bolts issue.
Adams in his statement of 7th august (hmm wonder when it was really made) claims JB spoke to him prior to the raid and informed him that the door involved (white side and through which entry was gained) had only the lock and no bolts.

One does wonder then if Woodcocks claim that when he tested this door he assumed it was bolted top and bottom was in error.
Odd that it was not confirmed that no bolts were present on that door....though the impression it did have some is now in the mind of the reader and is not corrected...

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In regards to this door and being forced open we have a radio log entry...(the falsified log in my view)..

"5 knocks on door heard over phone"       ..... timed at 07.34     

Its an odd entry if thought about..and hence maybe fabricated.

Would it really be reported as knocks  (sledgehammer used ) or would it be 5 bangs heard.
How would the person listening to the phone actually know the noises heard emanated from a door?

Has someone slipped up in fabricating entries on the radio log using information gained later etc.?

also consider if the record was made at 7.34 passing it on means the events took place one or two minutes at least before being transmitted and recorded on a log.