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Confirmation that Sheila Caffell used the rifle at time of shootings


mike tesko:
Essex Police and the CPS deliberately withheld 'damning evidence' that Sheila Caffell handled and used the rifle at the time of the shooting tragedy...

Police took photographs of Sheila's hands and feet, but withheld the key photographs from the defense, and the jury. These photographs were part of a photographic album containing 581 images, an album which was named 'The Senior Investigating Officers Album'.In its place was created another photographic album, containing only 223 images, which was referred to as 'The Master Copy Album'..

Only photographs which were part of 'The Master Copy Album' (223 photographs) were disclosed to those representing Jeremy Bamber, and to the jury during the trial. A further 358 photographs which the police had taken as part of their investigation never saw the light of day..

mike tesko:
The compelling photographic evidence which confirms that Sheila Caffell did handle and operate the trigger mechanism inside the weapons trigger guard (which caused the injuries cuts and marks to the top of her right hand and her index finger..

The evidence is there for all to see...

Essex police withheld this photographic evidence from Jeremy Bambers solicitors and the jury, evidence which would have gone a long way into convincing the jury that Sheila must have been the shooter...

mike tesko:
Cuts made on top of Sheila Caffells right hand and her index finger! caused by hard contact with the trigger guard of the .22 semi-automatic rifle...

mike tesko:
Rifles trigger guard:-

mike tesko:
Judges summing up:-

Summing up and verdict

The judge said there were three crucial points, in no particular order. Did the jury believe Julie Mugford or Jeremy Bamber? Were they sure that Sheila was not the killer and then committed suicide? He said this question involved another: was the second, fatal, shot fired at Sheila with the silencer on? If yes, she could not have fired it.

Judge told Jury in no uncertain terms - for example, that they had to decide whether or not Sheila had fired the gun that wounded and killed everyone, including herself, or if Jeremy had done it. He said there was no evidence at all that there was any involvement of a third party. It was either Sheila, or Jeremy!

If the police/prosecution had not concealed the photograph of cuts and marks that were caused by the trigger mechanism of the gun when she had used it, the case would have got thrown out...

Its a no brainer - Sheila used the rifle as confirmed by the corresponding cuts and marks that were caused by the guns trigger guard visible in the key photograph taken by police - versus no such cuts or marks at all on Jeremys hand or fingers...

Why didn't the pathologist and police officer who performed duties during the autopsy of Sheila Caffells remains comment on the cuts and marks that are clearly visible on the top part of Sheila Caffells right hand and her index finger?


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