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Tactical approach of the authorities
« on: June 01, 2020, 03:21:PM »
Tactical approach of the authorities in years post conviction:

[1] Allege that partial disclosure is in fact full disclosure; and therefore fully compliant with any order or responsibility to disclose. 

[2] Allow previous appeals to fail, as a result of partial-disclosure (thereby hampering the defence from ever having any real chance of properly exposing wrong doing or the portrayal of real events, as they actually occurred).

[3] Stonewall any difficult questions, repeatedly pointing out that all previous appeals have failed, as in point [2] above. 

[4] In addition to point [3] liberally apply the adage, that all police enquiries conducted regarding the safety of the conviction have not led to the convictions becoming unsafe.

[5] Always shore-up the original ballistics / blood evidence as being genuine, reverting to points [3] & [4] (should any difficult questions arise).

This means that the defence are unable to get past a wall of obstruction, preventing the exposure of the sound moderator exhibit having been fabricated.  Everything is designed to that end. 

The current QC for the authorities is arguing points nos. [5] & [1] for this exact same purpose.

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Re: Tactical approach of the authorities
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You forgot one
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