Author Topic: The Nova Scotia killings:the male menopause in action  (Read 58 times)

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The Nova Scotia killings:the male menopause in action
« on: April 22, 2020, 10:18:AM »
He was named Gabriel, though any strength he gained was from the Devil, not God. A narcissistic personality who grew up dreaming of becoming a Mountie, yet who outwardly would achieve more success as a denturist in Davenport, tending to his elderly clientele. Did he harbour a horror of becoming old, as the years passed, the marital relationship foundered and he found himself alone amid those bleak winter Nova Scotia evenings, with only the demon drink as comforter, yet another reinforcement of his macho persona along with the firearms which never left his side.

It seems the prime target of his rampage was his ex-wife, with echoes of the misogynistic Marc Lepine attacks thirty years previously. As the orgy of violence continued it awoke in him a new sense of empowerment and puissance, destroying amongst them an RCMP mother of two, an elementary school teacher, a volunteer firefighter and a VON nurse.

All spree killers must be somewhat unhinged, possessing no wider support network or safety valve at their disposal to avert such tragedies. Did he see life stretching out before him, possibly viewing himself becoming a customer of his own service as crabby old age beckoned, the lucre he had accrued losing its lustre as impotence beckoned, the male menopause in action as he set buildings ablaze, the nihilism of the narcissist, who felt himself excluded from all future fulfilment, and once this threshold is reached the consequences of one's actions become immaterial, the gift of life dismissed with a mere shrug of the shoulders and which in another sense may come as a merciful release.
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