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The group of supporters contend Bamber’s sister Sheila, who suffered from schizophrenia, carried out the murders before turning the gun on herself She could not have, and did not kill herself, and Jeremy and his current campaign team will never be able to prove what they are saying about her death.

They claim there is evidence she was still alive and inside the house when officers surrounded the building. I agree ..

The campaigners say a recently uncovered document reveals a 999 call was made from inside the farmhouse at 6.09am, and was terminated two hours later at 8.09am, which took place prior to entry into the premises by senior police officers  (Gibbons, Harris and Montgomery) which took palace at 8.15am. Upon entering the premises, CI Harris was contacted via his police radio to contact the Assistant Chief Constable, Peter Simpson by the landline from inside the kitchen. This suggests that whilst PC Millbank was monitoring the '999 call from the farmhouse, to the operator, from 6.09am to 8.09am, included him witnessing the banging, noises and voices at the precise moment when the raid team entered the premises (7.35am, or thereabouts). It also now seems highly likely that prior to the raid team confirming that a further three bodies had been found upstairs at 8.10am,that PC Millbank terminated the eavesdrop of the '999' call before the search of the premises had been completed and three more victims had been found dead upstairs.The termination of the eavesdropped phone line at the scene, appears to have paved the way for CI Harris to be requested to make contact with ACC Peter Simpson as he and Gibbons, and Montgomery were making their approach to enter the farmhouse at 8.15am. The inference being that PC Millbank was alerted to movement, noise or Sheila Caffells voice indicating that she had not died or been killed as earlier had been declared (by 7.35am, 7.37am, and 7.38am)while Bamber was outside with police officers.Hence, Bamber could not have been responsible for shooting his sister dead upstairs on the main bedroom floor

A spokesman said: “It is our contention that the mentally ill Sheila, in a psychotic state, was alive inside the house after killing the family (yes) and she made the call out Yes... The police didn’t raid until 7.38am The earliest report contained in official police records, mention two dead bodies having already been found from as early as 7.35am) .

“There’s other evidence to support this including lights going on and off Yes) and police firearms officers recording the curtains opening and closing while they surrounded the house and observed it.” (Correct)

The document is a police action from the 2002 Stokenchurch Inquiry, which was an investigation by the Metropolitan police for the Court of Appeal in advance of Bamber’s second failed appeal against his conviction. (true)   

The document refers to a PC Millbank “monitoring a 999 call made from White House Farm at 6.09am A duty which lasted for two hours on the morning of the murders”.

The campaign spokesman added: “It is not known who made this 999 call but it is probable it was made by Sheila as she had already been ‘in conversation’ with firearms officers at 5.25am This coincided with Jeremy being accompanied away from the farmhouse, he was taken by a PC to a nearby village where he made a phone call from a public phone box to his then girlfriend Julie Mugford, as is recorded on police documentation.

“Were the police advised during this 999 call that there had been casualties? Most Likely

“It seems to be highly probable because by 6.26am two ambulances had been arranged to attend the scene Yet there is no officially disclosed confirmation of who requested that the two ambulances and crews should attend the scene

“No statement was made pre-trial by PC Millbank, nor was he asked to give evidence in court about what he heard while he monitored the 999 call made from within the farm.”

In the judgement handed down by the Court of Appeal in 2002, Lord Justice Kay said: “We have found no evidence of anything that occurred which might unfairly have affected the fairness of the trial.

“The jury’s verdicts were, in our judgment, ones that they were plainly entitled to reach on the evidence.”
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