Author Topic: Five Senior Officers, a police surgeon, and Coroners Officer only saw one Wound!  (Read 607 times)

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Looking at the second entry wound in the picture there appears to be a blood clot just below the wound? I wonder could this be a clot that removed from the first non fatal would when Shiela removed herself from her original location to the bedroom where she was eventually found?

Whats that all about?

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Both fingers and toes can move soon after a person has died which can frighten those who are not aware. My belief is that Sheila's finger's moved while still suppressing the trigger. It's that simple.

Lookout - explain to me how an impression of the sound moderators end cap only appears around one of the two bullet entry wounds in Sheila's neck /throat?

It's plausible that there was only full contact at the time of the first wound that she received, but that at the time of the second shot it could have been that the muzzle end of the silencer was only in close or near contact with the surface of the throats skin, but even then, there should have been a silencer still fitted onto the end of the guns barrel (if she did kill herself in those circumstances)! Who removed the sound moderator from the end of the guns barrel, because it couldn't have been Sheila herself as she died instantly as a result of sustaining the second shot!

It just doesn't make any sense that she could have played a part in shooting herself twice, with the silencer attached to the guns barrel on both occasions, or even that she did shoot herself twice, once with the sound moderator fitted to the end of the guns barrel, and that she also shot herself by way of the second wound to the same general region of her neck with the sound moderator removed from the same guns barrel, if the two shots occurred together in an instant, since how did the silencer become detached between the two shots? And if it didn't become detached from the gun barrel during that very brief moment, why doesn't there exist crime scene photographs which show that the gun said to have been responsible for inflicting both wounds did have a silencer attached, versus other images showing that the same silencer was not attached to the same guns barrel?

It's quite clear what has taken place here, for example, that Sheila was shot by a member of the raid team as he with his weapon were attempting to enter the main kitchen through a connecting inner doorway that led to the rear door hallway, come back kitchen, entrance to the downstairs office!

What has taken place here, is tragic!

Essex Police, firearm officers, Home Office, police surgeons, pathologists, SOC photographers, all know exactly when and how Sheila was shot at, by an armed police officer! Evidence exists to prove that when PC's Collins and Delgado went beyond the rear door entrance to the farmhouse, and peered into the kitchen window on the furthest side of that rear door, that it would depend upon the direction that Collins and Delgado approached the rear door of the farmhouse from!

If The raid party, approached the rear external farmhouse door, from a position left to Right with the door sandwiched in between them, then yes I would have to concede that the report about the claim made by PC's Collins and Delgado was a sighting of a female body inside the main kitchen.


If the raid team (including Collins and Delgado, approached the same rear external farmhouse door, from the direction 'right to left', the first window beyond the door in question was / is the back kitchen window!

So, is it reasonable to assume that the first sighting of a female body as viewed by Collins and Delgado, took place in a room known to family and friends as the 'back kitchen', rather than the sighting referred specifically to the room on the other side of the external farmhouse door, as 'the main Kitchen'? The authorities have g9t their heads together and falsely made out the case for an obvious misidentification of Ralph Neville Bambers body which ended up being found in 'the main Kitchen', as the body of Sheila ( seen inside 'the back kitchen'), and the reason for this / that is almost certainly as follows:-

Firsts things first, however, the truth regarding what really took place during these firearm operations at whf, beggars belief!

There exists at least two entirely different accounts regarding what the police were confronted with upon being alerted to disturbing developments at the farmhouse, including the forced entry at around, so we are told, at around 7.30am, as follows:-

Contemporaneously recorded, and timed, police radio message log contents, which basically suggest in the very strongest of terms, that 'two bodies' were found, or seen, or confronted in some way or another somewhere between 7.35am, and 8.13am, 'the body of one dead male', and 'the body of one dead female' found 'upon entry to the kitchen'..

Well, well, well, cops had only gotten themselves as far as 'the main kitchen', and messages were being passed, to and from, that around the actual time of these occurrences that there was a deliberate attempt to

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